Wulvig - Sewing & needlework

At Wulvig, we provide needlework and textile goods of high quality. With fine craftmanship and 30+ years of experience deeply rooted in our work, we are able offer a wide range of customized products to various businesses and purposes.

Our products

Wulvig offers a wide variety of materials and colours available at our own sewing and quilting company. This ensures every customer a high-quality product regardless of business or industry. 
Products for the funeral industry
Products for the health care sector
Equipment for children
Materials for outdoor products
Materials for furniture
Wulvig ApS

Fine craftsmanship is our core competence

Wulvig ApS is a family-run business. We sew and produce products of high quality for especially the funeral industry and health care sector. Fine craftsmanship and our expertise within needlework, which we have acquired through three generations, are at the core of everything we do. These competences allow us to provide the high-quality, customized products Wulvig is known for. 
Our focus is green

Textile - Sustainability

We at Wulvig wish to contribute to a more sustainable future. Therefore, we are constantly working on improving our production, using new, more sustainable materials and implementing new initiatives in the operation of our business all to help influence the world in a green, positive way. 

Let me help you with any question you might have!

Feel free to contact me for more information about Wulvig as a company and let me know about your project and a possible future collaboration. We make everything from headboards, bedspreads, disability aids, baby playmats, travel bags, sleeping bags etc. I look forward to hearing from you and talking in more detail about your wishes and projects.