Our Products


Products for the funeral industry

We sew and manufacture casket interior as well as bedding for caskets. Additionally, our production includes palls and covers for casket transportation. These products are often very discrete and simple to match different casket designs.  All our products for the funeral industry are also available in a quilted version, which adds several layers to the products and gives them a different structure and look.

Products for the health care sector

We work closely with the health care sector delivering coated slide sheets as well as water-repellant and sweat-absorbent materials. These products are characterized by a high degree of functionality and comfort. 

Equipment for children

Wulvig’s expertise is particularly well-suited for baby sleeping bags, play blankets and material for prams, due to the sturdy and durable characteristics of the materials. These products are especially comfortable and functional as well as safe to use by and for children, which gives the parents that buy the end product a great feeling of comfort and safety. 

Materials for outdoor products

We offer manufacturers of outdoor products our expertise and needlework for their production of cushions, prams, strollers and baby sleeping bags. The materials used for these products are very sturdy and durable to ensure they last regardless of weather and repeated use. 

Materials for furniture

The products of Wulvig are widely used by furniture manufacturers due to their durable materials that are well-suited for the upholstery of the furniture. Being able to withstand repeated use, having a high degree of comfort and the right look are all important requirements for furniture. Our quality products are therefore the right choice, if you are looking for durable, beautiful material for your furniture design.  Looking for high quality needlework not mentioned on this page? Please contact us and make your request – there are lots of possibilities for a customized product.

Can we help you?

Are you looking for high quality sewing work for your product that is not mentioned above? You are always welcome to contact us with your specific inquiry. We have the opportunity to make many different products and materials.