Good craftsmanship through
three generations

Wulvig ApS is a family-run business with more than 30 years’ experience with the production of textiles and needlework for spring mattresses, garments, bed covers and furniture. Today, we sew and manufacture high quality products for especially the funeral industry and health care sector. In addition, products from Wulvig are often applied in the productions of furniture and baby equipment manufacturers. 

Throughout generations, the family behind Wulvig continuously developed and grew their expertise within the field of needlework and the manufacture of textile goods. This expertise and the legacy of fine craftsmanship were passed on to Anja Kristensen, the third generation in the business and owner of Wulvig.  

Fine craftsmanship and a deep understanding of the purpose our products serve have been our main focus since founding the company in 2010. Therefore, we are proud that products from Wulvig are characterized by a consistently high degree of quality and focus on the needs of our customers. We deliver a wide range of materials and colours and work hard to accommodate the wishes of our customers. 
We are the business partner that handles your needs with great confidence, professionalism and presence. This approach is facilitated through our 30+ years of experience, which gives us the insight and know-how needed to customize the product specifically to you and your business. At Wulvig, you are greeted by specialists tasked with ensuring you a profitable outcome and going the extra mile to secure a successful cooperation. 

Wulvig - Syning og Syarbejde

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Focus on green

Sustainable future

At Wulvig, we take our responsibility of contributing to a more sustainable future very seriously. To do so, we are continuously working on implementing a greener approach to the operation of our business: 

We buy as many of our materials as possible in Europe and support local purchasing
We keep the manufacturing of our products in Europe at our own sewing and quilting company in Bulgaria
We fill products, for example pillows, with residue and waste from our production
We are slowly phasing out nylon and polyester and adding more natural materials such as sheep wool, linen and paper
We are converting the energy sources of our buildings to greener alternatives such as heat pumps and solar power cells
Our office in Denmark is built from wood with integrated solar power cells. The surplus power generated is used for our company car.